So, as Ruby was a baby and had to come everywhere I thought it was tough trying to entertain her in her bouncer while I was cooking the dinner. Little did I know what was in store for me. Then she started crawling. With that the pulling out everything that was not locked or attached to something started. The drawer with the tea-towels was her favorite for a good while. Therefore I had to add at least 10 minutes to the clean-up time and watch out for anything I could possibly stumble over. By now I actually wish she was that little baby again! Ruby is like a little monkey and can reach everything, including things that are potentially dangerous when you are doing such vital things as cooking dinner. You know how you always hope your kid is clever and strong. Hm, not so sure at the moment.

So, we bought a good few toys in the hope they would keep her happy. No such luck. She wanted to help. For a short while I managed to trick her into emptying the pot drawer once or twice. Then I thought, well, if she wants to do as I do then what could I give her?

The solution!

I got my trusted muffin tins out along with a few tubs. Someone had bought a giant bag of rice at some stage, which was a great start, because that could be hoovered up in no time. We found another few stones, lentils and split peas and I got her started on her cooking tasks.

wobbler cooking

It is just amazing what keeps my little monster happy! You can spend all the money in the world sometimes and they are more interested in the box than what came in it.

wobbler cooking


Wobbler cooking
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