¬†This dress still has the tag on! I can’t even remember when I bought this.

black shirt-dress

However I did put it on me a few times and it just did nothing for me. It’s just a good one to start with, because it is easy. Pretty boring, but comfortable. I might try and push it into the evening direction. Just because I think black is the last thing you want to wear on a lovely spring day. So, right now I’m thinking: Get rid of the top of the sleeves, widen the neck and add some sequins somewhere or maybe ruffles?

I normally have these things hang around for a while where I can see them, because like most women, I can change my mind about a million times a day. So whenever I have a minute or two the item in question gets stared at, sometime I would pin this or that to it just to see. This dress was no different.

I started with cutting the top of the sleeves off and widened the neckline. Now, how to edge it? Black satin? Or lace? Do I want to keep it all black, or should I brighten it up a little?

Bingo! I found a gold, slightly sparkly and sporty net-fabric, which would be perfect!

net edging

So, I cut a 6 cm strip, folded it in half and stitched them to the edges. Then I over-locked them and top-stitched them.

neck and shoulders

I was pretty happy with this, but now the sleeves don’t work with the top. So I just did the same thing with the cuffs – and those super cheap looking gold buttons were history!


I was tempted to add some of it to the length, but after pinning it on I decided that less is more sometimes. The only thing was that it looked a little bit like a night-dress now, because the silly looking belt was definitely going!

And as I looked through my belts at home I found the gold obi-belt, which I had made a while back out of a piece of raw silk.

obi beltobi belt

And voilà!

little black dress

The Black Dress
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