I find fashion is something very subjective. Maybe that is why I always thought fashion-design very difficult. Alterations are a lot easier and can be just as creative. It is just a different type of creativity. Since I decided that this chapter is going to contain projects that are made out of parts of my wardrobe a good clean-out was on the agenda. I have to admit that there were things in there that had sentimental value rather than wear ability, but I’m sure my cupboard isn’t alone in holding such treasures. Other things still had the tag on and I was just simply too stingy to part with them, because I had spent money so I wanted to at least wear them once… and then never did. After sorting them into the seasons I picked up the pile for Spring/Summer and put them next to the sewing machine.

So after sorting and reorganizing everything I sat down and checked on the websites of all of the big magazines, such as ‘Elle’, ‘Marie Claire’ and ‘Glamour’ what should, could or would be in the shops this spring. Now, I try to be objective to start with and report that this season again almost anything goes. However, there seem to be a few trends that all of them have.

Number 1

My favorite was the ‘X-Factor’ as ‘Elle’ called it. The showing of the whole shoulder. Some of them were like halternecks, other designs just cut the top of the sleeve off.


It seemed to somehow go with the Spanish theme, that was mentioned. I do like ruffles, they have something feminine and can enhance or balance out a flaw in a silhouette. If nothing else they can make a boring dress look playful and romantic.

Number 2

The white shirt was another one that I definitely will try to do something with, because I love white and lets face it, it will never truly go out of fashion, because there are so many styling possibilities!


Number 3

My third pick is the paper bag waist. Just simply because it is easy to wear and totally comfortable and I have to admit, I saw a skirt on ‘Pinterest’ that would be a great addition to my wardrobe and it so happens that it was made out of a shirt! A perfect addition to my project list. Watch this space 😉


To be fair. This season seems to be quiet easy to be fashionable. Light-weight denim, sporty net-fabrics and suede. All is totally wearable and flattering even if you aren’t 6 foot tall and have legs up to your armpits. I think I will enjoy this spring/summer and so should you.

My favorite 3 Spring/Summer 2016 trends

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