So, Gareth decided his wardrobe was getting a little too cramped. It was actually quiet funny to watch. He pulled out a few shirts that he wore as we first met, which is only about 15 years ago – and hey, guess what, they were a little tight! One of those was a blue stripy number that I had loved on him. On closer inspection, the fabric of the shirt was pretty good quality and I decided it was the perfect piece for a re-modelling project I had in mind.


Let’s get the scissors into this shirt!

So first off, I had to get rid of the sleeves and collar and open up the shoulders. This left me with a tube.

As I stepped into it I realized that there was not enough fabric to pleat the waist with those armholes. On the other hand it would get really short if I would cut it off under the armhole. What to do? The top of the sleeve was the perfect shape and not needed for anything. So I stitched that in and cut it off.

skirt tube

The stripes hit my OCD hard, but what can you do, there was no way I could match them up. As I ironed the top down about 8 cm I realized that it didn’t even matter, because between the pleats and the belt no one would really notice.


Let’s pleat!

Before lining the skirt, which is not necessary if you live in a warm country, but here in Ireland this extra layer is vital – if you are not born here that is. I decided on one box-pleat on each front panel, one on each side-seam and two in the back. The easiest way to figure out how big they have to be is to measure the top of the skirt, subtract your waist and divide by the amount of pleats.

Measure 2 cm from the edge and stitch the pleat 4 cm, leave 4 cm open and stitch another 4 cm. Now you are left with something like this.


I made belt loops out of denim fabric, 4 cm long and attached them over the pleat.



The Lining

I had the pattern of an A-line skirt and just made sure that it is wide enough. I sow it on to the waist and attached it to the front.


Buttons and pocket

The buttons were very cheap looking and did not enhance my skirt one bit, so I exchanged them for some prettier mother-of-pearl light blue ones. I hate nothing more than wearing an outfit without pockets. For some reasons, my hands have to go somewhere. My first choice were invisible pockets. However, the front of the skirt looked very plain and I decided on a jeans pocket with a little flower on it.

new buttonsjeans pocket



And this is how a shirt became a skirt

I am really sorry bout the awkward modelling and the picture quality, but I am neither a good model or photographer – something to work on!


The end

Shirt became skirt

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