And another one of though days! Don’t get me wrong, I love Ireland, but why does it have to rain 300 out of the 365 days of the year?! I had been at this point before. It was well before Ruby was born and my sport of choice had been horse-back riding. Then I discovered surfing! The board became my most treasured possession. It solved so many problems! All of a sudden it made no difference whether it rained or not or even how cold or warm it was. Stripping off on a windswept beach somewhere in the middle of nowhere in January, in Ireland, desensitizes you to a point where you are never cold ever again! All of a sudden I turned into that person that ran around in a T-Shirt in April just because the sun is out and it is Spring.

Unfortunately it is a very time-consuming hobby and Ruby is not quiet able for a surfboard just yet. However, she loves being outside and when it is a rainy day she turns into a caged lioness – with teeth and claws!

So you have to work double as hard to make staying inside just as much fun. Like all little wobblers, Ruby enjoys Locks, Keys, Buttons etc. So I put all these little items into a box in the hope we could get back to it on one of those really bad days. Missy however loves dragging the box all around the house and drops a button here, a buckle there and as the day came that we needed said box, it was empty!

Then I found the solution on ‘Pinterest’. We would make a Sensory board for her!

So I searched house and garden for everything we already had gathered before, my partner got the task of looking through the garage and I checked my sewing room.dsc_0122

We did pretty good!


Now…what to do?

There are endless possibilities really! The board was made up of corner-shelves that we had bought 2 houses ago and never used. What I experienced than was a little like writers-block, I suppose.

Lion-head pocket

The first thing I made was the lion head in the middle. Ruby loves any type of pocket and zips. All sorts of things can be found in there now. I saw one on ‘Pinterest’ and made it up as a went along. It is made out of felt and put wadding between the layers to give it a bit more of a 3D-Effect. The hair is a feather-trim.


Button-balloons, Clipper-snake, locks and plug

dsc_0170button balloons

While I was at the sewing-machine I made the shapes too. They are literally just felt shapes with a little bit of wadding and a buttonhole. The snake is the same concept really. The front is a clip, when you push the eyes down the ribbon gets released. This one took all of 15 minutes to make.

The board definitely needed a lock and key and a plug. These are just screwed, super-glued and tied to the board. The plug is an adapter.


We are pretty happy with the result so far. There is still plenty of space, so it’s a work in progress and I will keep you posted how we go with it, but so far so good.

the finished sensory board for now

Sensory board
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