So, here we are again. It’s time to re-organize the wardrobe. All the skimpy little tops and shorts that we loved this summer have to swap places with the big, comfy jumpers that I love to snuggle into every autumn/winter. I adore the pre-x-mas time when comfort is on everyone’s mind. Haven’t said that, once that festive season hits that all goes out the window again. Pity, but then, it’s nice to see a bit of sparkle before the dreariness of January and February hits.

However, this year seems to be all about the comfort! There is a strange mix of really comfortable to very dressy this season. As far as I could see though there are so many possibilities to up-cycle and re-style that it made my heart jump with joy. Most of my references are taken from ‘’ again.

And without further ado: My 3 focus points!

Number 1: Gloves

I have to admit that I picked this one, because it was something I missed in my wardrobe. My little Misses gets the best naps in her pram, but it just is very cold now and it is very hard to have your hands in your pockets and push a stroller – not to mention that you look absolutely ridiculous!


I love this, because it could dress up a very simple jacket to no ends. The classy ones, third from the left, as seen on the catwalk at De La Renta are my favorites.


Number 2: Hoodies and metal details

I actually combined 2 trends for this. Just think it makes it more interesting, otherwise these two are a little old and flat, but together they really could be magic!


Alexander Wang loves both of these Michael Kors and Lacoste do one or the other.


Number 3: One-shoulder / One-sleeve tops

It goes from the ’80s trend to futuristic style-lines this autumn/winter. Either way, this is so simple in regards of re-vamping it is almost too easy!



So these are my favorites, but there are some that you probably still have from last year, like Chokers, Velvet and big earrings.

If you wanna go more into depths check out



Autumn/Winter 2016
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